VR 100

The VR 100 was selled by Vorwerk from 2011 to 2016 as a OEM product. The VR 100 is a brand of the Neato XV-11. So anything you read here, should as far as I know, match to the Neato XV-11.

My first 3D Printer

What is the Issue

The common Issue is, that the Display does not show a text, the backlight is still working. But you are not able, to read the state messages, what is really frustrating, but your robot is not able to talk with you, currently ;-)


I did my best, but I will not garantie that anything is correct, so if you try to repair a similar device, do it on your own risk! Use a multimeter and double check!

How To Solve

In my case a DC-DC changer was not working and needs to be bypassed by a new one. Here is a great forum where I got the solution to fix it, you will find also other displays and solutions there. "www.robotreviews.com/My_quest_for_a_cheap_LCD..."

How I solved

To solve the Issue. The Forum told us that the Display needs 14V, "www.robotreviews.com/PinOut" I used a MC78M12 CT that take 24V and give you a fix 12V for the display, what was enough for my own. fritzing example




DC DC 24V to 12 V (MC78M12 CT), with a aluminium plate to cool them. I think it is not nessesary, but does not want to try it out.


First Test (I used a labor power supply, current limiting just in case)