Kubernetes as a CI / CD build system

This has been going through my head for two months. Finally found an article about it from November 2019 Teaser, the 3rd generation build system will use Kubernetes itself and the first native systems are on the way, but they don't yet suit us, nevertheless the article is interesting, because it contains exactly what I already assumed. Namely, we are building the next monolith in form of a CI / CD, TeamCity, Jenkins, Whatever job chain monolith, while the 3rd generation will use the core competencies of Kubernetes and many CI / CD topics themselves slays and says goodbye to a bunch of addictions. BuildSystem As Code, from Git, started from Git, including tests and everything else. Goal -> You just wait for Git and Kubernetes and you're done. Everything else is usually not touched, the complexity is significantly reduced. I would like to refer to the Apache3 licensed project "keptn", which also pursues such an approach and runs on Kubernetes itself, it is still a small OpenSource project, let's see how it goes on, I'll keep an eye on it. https://keptn.sh/ https://jaxenter.de/kubernetes/kubernetes-cicd-generationen-88174